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Neighborhood Branding and Marketing

Creating a Fantastic Image for Your Neighborhood,  a presentation by Marcia Nedland to grantees of the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation, offers a step-by-step approach to developing a target brand and positioning the neighborhood toward it. Two handouts that accompanied this presentation include a worksheet, Prioritizing Neighborhood Brand Elementsand the one-page Eight Neighborhood Marketing-Building Principles.

What’s In a Name- Naming Neighborhoods as a Strategy for Community Engagement and Image-Building, by David Boehlke. This monograph by the creator of the Healthy Neighborhoods approach describes the technique and benefits of naming small geographies within larger areas that neighbors can relate to and manage. This strategy also provides opportunities to develop a positive image for a place, free of old events or false associations with completely different neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Identity: Creating Core Messages and Reinforcing Them With Activities and Communication, by Marcia Nedland, describes several examples of the ways core brand elements can be reinforced by neighborhood events, awards, communications, and other activities.

Ten Tricks for Marketing Neighborhoods as Places of Choice, by Marcia Nedland, describes techniques and principles for promoting the assets of a place and avoiding the trap of a deficit orientation.

Ten Ways Neighbors Can Manage the Image of Their, by Marcia Nedland, is written specifically to generate ideas and discussion among neighborhood residents about the ways they can take charge of the image of their neighborhood.