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Homeownership Sales and Lending Strategies

The Home Marketing and Sales Guide, written by Marcia Nedland for NeighborWorks America, is an online guide to developing marketing and sales plans for homes developed as affordable housing and/or in revitalizing neighborhoods. The Guide has dozens of worksheets and examples of marketing and sales tools.

Marketing Houses And Neighborhoods Through Real Estate Professionals, written by Marcia Nedland for the National Association of Realtors and the National Community Stabilization Trust, describes how nonprofits and local governments can partner with real estate professionals to sell more houses and transform neighborhoods.

www.realtor.org, the website of the National Association of Realtors, is a wonderful resource for home marketing and sales.  Even if you are not a Realtor, there are many resources you can access. Be sure to register and sign up for weekly updates on Research & Statistics, and Sales & Marketing.  Also sign up for the Business Tips e-newsletter, which includes a lot on sales and marketing. One of our favorite research items is the NAR’s annual Survey of Buyers and Sellers.  The full report must be purchased by non-members, but you can access a slide show with key stats from the 2012 Survey here.